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    Leigh McGough - Regional Director - British Columbia, Yukon and Alberta

    It’s a privilege to be working with Awana in the role of Regional Director. This is a vast territory that I oversee and it is particularly unique in that many of our partnered churches are within a 90-minute radius of one another. I have the heart to see this ministry grow through an increased number of partnered churches particularly in the interior and the northern parts of British Columbia and on Vancouver Island and throughout Alberta.

    I was brought up in a Christian family and came to faith at 11 years old. I have always felt called to work with children and youth. As a teen, I set up a Christian club in my high school and did some work with challenged youth from rough backgrounds. I have developed a passion for developing young leaders, specifically in the church.

    I am married to Samantha and together we have 2 boys, Ben (2009) and Josh (2010). We have recently moved to Canada from England where I was an Associate Pastor and Sam was a high school science teacher. We love British Columbia and I can’t think of a better place for our family. We love to explore and have a great sense of adventure.

    Many people ask what we love about Canada what we miss about England. Well, here it is folks…We love the vastness of this country, the culture of our region and the availability of coffee! I can always be found with a cup in my hands, medium dark roast with double cream. We miss our families the most, and genuine Cadbury chocolate. But we know we are in the right place and God is leading our family.

    Fun Fact – On a trip to Ireland once, my wife and I ended up in a convent. Our accommodation fell through and the convent was the replacement offered. We had a great time, even having breakfast with 3 Nuns and a Monk.

    For more information about the ministry in this territory including opportunities for partnership through, prayer or finances, please contact me anytime. I would love to hear from you!

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