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British Columbia/Yukon

    Your BC Awana Ministry Team

    Your BC Regional Team

    Mary Ann Dance Ministry Development - British Columbia

    Mary Ann serves Awana church partners in the province of British Columbia. Through church care, leader training, speaking and team coordination, she works to strengthen and grow the Awana ministry in BC. 

    Jeff Tam Ministry Development - Ontario and British Columbia

    Jeff Tam works with the Awana team in Ontario and in BC. Jeff came to Canada with his family in 2012. He speaks both Cantonese and conversational Mandarin. Click on Jeff to read more about Jeff's experience with Awana in Hong Kong. 

    Sarah Armstrong Ministry Development - Ontario and British Columbia

    Sarah Armstrong works to support and expand the Awana ministry in Ontario and in BC. While she lives in Ontario, she will be in BC regularly and actively engaging with partner churches there. 

    Ellen Funk Volunteer Advocate - British Columbia

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