Evan Morrison - Awana International Canada
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Our Field Team

Evan Morrison - Awana Ontario Advocate

I was born in Simcoe Ontario. My family are farmers and from them, I learned the value of hard work. I was raised in a home where I was given freedom to choose my own spiritual path, but at the same time, I was encouraged towards living a Christian life. With my parents allowing me to come to faith on my own, I now know it was God who was calling me. It was at an Awana Scholarship camp that I ultimately accepted Jesus as my Saviour in 2006.

In 2012 I received my citation award for completion of all Awana curriculum from Puggles through Journey. This is the highest award given in Awana and it is a reminder of all of the verses I have memorized and taken to heart. A verse that has always stood out to me is Romans 8:38-39. This verse illustrates the love of God in such a way that it gives me the assurance and the confidence that nothing can separate us from His love.

Once I completed the mid-week program I began to serve as an Awana volunteer leader at my home church. I have been a summer intern for two years with Awana and I became a part-time Advocate in 2017 and have had many opportunities to serve alongside our Ontario team in a variety of roles.

Starting my ministry career through the Internship Program and then the Advocate Program has provided me with partial funding and has allowed me to gain experience while I raise support. Raising support is tough but being able to work at the same time is allowing me to establish the relationships I need to be successful in this area. On the job, experience provides me with opportunities to explore my strengths as they apply to this ministry. I am also gaining the benefit of mentors on the job. I can’t think of a better way to start a career in ministry. My current focus is fundraising for the Advocate Program, but I have also enjoyed working more directly with children and youth at camp and have participated in several leadership training sessions. I see myself being a part of Awana for a long time. I look forward to seeing how God is calling me and how His vision for Awana can be carried out through me.

I have been able to use my faith and experience in this role and I have developed a real heart for youth ministry. Please pray for me as I continue to raise my own support while advancing this ministry through fundraising initiatives, leadership training and service to the local church.

Fun Fact –While on a mission trip to Philadelphia served in a VBS program. When we were introduced to the kids one asked if I had swallowed a rock. This conversation about Adam's apples was the beginning of our relationship but by the end of the week, he had accepted Christ as his saviour.