Our Head Office Team

Eric Provost - Executive Director Canada / Directeur pour le Canada

Eric has served for over 10 years in youth ministry and for over 18 years in the local church and in Christian camping. Eric, Kerry and their two kids, Christian and Ava live in Komoka, Ontario.

Over the past 20 years, he’s had the opportunity to work with many ministries, non-profits and businesses, helping them with culture development, team development, operational and strategic planning. Eric put his business life behind to use those skills to help grow Awana’s reach in Canada and beyond.

Eric and his family have a passion for the outdoors, snowboarding/skiing, mountain biking, BBQ'ing and overall, serving their community and the church.

Eric Started with Awana Canada In 2013 as the Regional Director for Ontario. After developing the Ontario Ministry and setting up a core team for the region, he was given the Associate Director for Canada in order to develop the team and grow the ministry.

In 2020, Jon ImBeau, the board and Eric began the process of positioning the ministry for a leadership change. Jon ImBeau was called back to a pastor role and the Board asked Eric to become the Executive Director for Canada.

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