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The Heart of Discipleship

Equip Leaders

Recently, I had to explain to one of my relatives who is not familiar with Awana what we are all about.  I hadn’t seen him in years and I knew “churchy” language was not going to compute for him. I found myself in an interesting dialogue about the heart of discipleship. 

I did Awana!

Close to 500,000 Canadian children and youth have come to know, love and serve Jesus Christ through Awana's long-term relational discipleship programs. Many are now serving as leaders across the country. All are considered Alumni. Imagine the impact if just 10% gave $10/month. Partner with Awana in Canada as we continue to reach kids, equip
Last year Awana Canada partner churches raised over $40,000 for AwanaGo Uganda ($42,797 is our current calculation). Awana Canada partnered with Compassion to train leaders and launch Awana Clubs in locations where Compassion is already involved. 

This past week 32 leaders were trained. These leaders represent 2200 kids who are already attending Awana clubs. These leaders will now go back to their communities equipped to train other leaders who desire to start Awana clubs. 

In Uganda game time is crazy and fun often drawing kids from the community. Leaders are encouraged to let them join in the fun and hope that they stay for lessons afterwards. This is a community impact. Not only that