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Last week we released everything you need to get your AwanaGO campaign started this year. We want you to partner with us to raise $20,000 to train leaders who are eager to establish a strong child discipleship ministry in the country of Mongolia. 

Why would we ask you to participate in an international fundraising campaign when we need your help here at home? How can we ask you to add something new to your to-do list when you are faced with new hurdles each week just to keep your Awana ministry going? We hope this blog challenges you to rethink the “burden” of adding something more, and to look with fresh eyes at the opportunity to change a little life here at home. 

AwanaGO provides an opportunity to introduce missional thinking to the children in your care. Whether these are your own children at home or those you disciple through the Awana program, AwanaGO introduces your kids to leaders and kids around the world. Now, more than ever, it seems appropriate to make the connection between us and others around the world, in the pursuit of a common mission to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

But you might be wondering how to run a fundraising campaign amidst the weekly challenges you are facing just to keep your kids engaged in learning. Well, here’s 5 simple ideas to get you started whether you are campaigning as a church or in your own family. 

At home ideas to inspire the family 

  1. Ask us for resources - We have posters, iron on badges, lesson videos and plans that will help you create some excitement at home. Create a campaign on social media, have your kids share badges with friends and take up a collection in your neighbourhood. 

  1. Host a dinner with friends and family - Get creative and have fun. Listed on this page https://flavorverse.com/traditional-mongolian-foods/ are 12 traditional Mongolian meals. So you might not be cooking “Boodog” but what about “tsuivan” noodle stew and Gambir (a sweet dessert). Present the campaign and ask your guests for donations. 

  1. Sacrificial Giving - Teach your kids about the value of missions and why you believe it’s important to get involved. Consider as a family what you might be willing to give up in order to help train more leaders and start up more Awana ministries in Mongolia. 

  1. Chores for a neighbour - This provides a great opportunity for your child to share what they are learning and serve a neighbour. Consider designing a poster that offers snow shovelling, leaf raking, or spring cleaning. Of course you may have to help with the chore, but let them take the lead when making the ask. 

  1. Pray and Share - Make your own donation and then pray about opportunities to share with family and friends. Print a card or design an email that directs people to www.awanacanada.ca/mongolia. 

In person ministry ideas to inspire leaders

  1. Start a coin drive - Provide two collection cans (old coffee cans) for a fun competition between boys and girls, or Sparks and T&T. The promise of a pizza party or Awana bucks for the winning group might go a long way in creating excitement around the campaign. 

  1. Partner with your church - Ask if you can do an AwanaGO Sunday. You could have the kids participate, telling the congregation things they know about Mongolia, or what AwanaGO means to them. The congregation likely already supports your Awana ministry so help them understand that AwanaGO is not just an extra thing for them to think about, but rather one component of the existing ministry designed to teach kids to be more like Jesus. Ask the church to help reach the goal through a collection at the end of the service. 

  1. Fund matching - This is a quick way to help you reach your goal. For every dollar raised, a fund-matching dollar is contributed up to a certain amount. If every Awana church contributed $100 we would far surpass our goal. 

  1. Bake Sales are a great way to raise funds. Each Awana family can contribute baked goods that the congregation can purchase and enjoy after church one Sunday. 

  1. Christmas Wrapping Fundraiser 

Virtual ideas to inspire leader and kids

  1. Partner with your church - Ask if they will allow you to do an AwanaGO Sunday and take a special offering for Mongolia. 

  1. Challenge the kids to think of ideas - Often, where adults see challenges, kids see opportunities. Arrange a time or way for boys and girls to meet separately to discuss fundraising ideas. Offer a pizza party to whichever group raises the most money by a certain date.

  1. Ask someone on our Awana staff and volunteer team to join your virtual meeting as a special guest. We can talk about the campaign and why it’s important for Awana in Canada to partner with Awana in Mongolia. 

  1. Ask the kids in your ministry to write letters to the leaders in Mongolia. We would be happy to have you mail those letters to our Awana office so that we can get them to the team in Mongolia, what an encouragement this would be. 

  1. Arrange a virtual or silent auction - Ask each leader to contribute 1 item or idea that can be auctioned off to families. This can even be a chore or service that the leader provides for the family. Plan a day for your auction and invite families to join in. 

Help your kids grow deeper in their faith, to see the world as God sees the world and to share His heart for outreach. How they see Jesus, themselves and others will be forever changed. 

Kerry Provost

Kerry works with the team across Canada. She is a resource for Awana Canada volunteers, advocates and directors as they work to reach kids, equip leaders and change the world for Christ.

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