In 2014-15, Awana Canada's focus campaign was Paraguay.  The purpose of the campaign was to train leaders and to help start 350 more Awana clubs in and around the capital city, Asuncion.  We partnered with Jesus Responds, who has opened up over 400 nutrition centres out of which they feed hundreds of children.  Once a week, kids can come to the centre and receive a healthy meal.  Awana now provides a discipleship curriculum to use in the nutrition centres to provide the kids with a holistic ministry that nourishes their bodies and their souls.

Our goal was to raise $20,000 and clubs and churches across Canada far surpassed that goal by raising $37,588!

Since 2014, Awana Paraguay has grown in size and influence.  We are now reaching 18,762 children in 372 churches, with 1,560 leaders and 27 trainers!  By the end of this year, Awana Paraguay will reach 400 clubs!  Jesus Responds loves Awana and continues to expand the ministry in their nutrition centres.

Thank you for your generosity and support in reaching many more kids with the gospel in Paraguay!