2017-2018 International Missions Focus

    Awana + Compassion

    Awana loves kids! Compassion loves kids!

    Together, we want to reach 4,000 kids with the gospel in Uganda!

    We will be doing this through training leaders to launch Awana clubs across Uganda in locations where Compassion is already involved!

    Why Uganda?

    While Uganda is a country where the doors are wide open for missions work, it is also a country steeped in witchcraft and false religion! The church and its leaders are eager to be trained and to do the work of evangelism with children. They are asking for training, and are ready and waiting to get started.

    Every week, Awana Uganda reaches
    256,203 children with the gospel
    in their heart languages through 780 clubs.
    Uganda clubbers learning a bible verse.

    Fundraising Goal: $40,000

    Our partnership with Compassion allows us to help meet both the spiritual and physical needs of these children. Compassion partners with the local church to provide children with education, food, clothing and other necessities. Compassion also cares for a child’s spiritual needs through programs that develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Awana is the perfect partner for this aspect of Compassion’s ministry.

    Your fundraising dollars will go towards starting Awana clubs in Uganda, so that kids will have a fun place to meet friends while learning about Jesus’ love.

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    Goal Reached! $40,764.83 raised

    So we ourselves should support them so that
    we can be their partners as they teach the truth.

    3 JOHN 8, NLT

    What can you do?


    Pray for many children and families to be impacted by new Awana clubs in their communities. Ask God to show you how you could help bless others.

    Download Resources:
    Video | Posters


    Learn more about what God is doing in Uganda through Awana and Compassion.

    Download the GO Uganda Lesson.
    (Use this for your Large Group Lesson!)


    Raise funds to help Awana and Compassion start clubs, meeting the spiritual and physical needs of these children.

    Use GO Uganda as your Missions Project this year!