Ukraine - Awana International Canada


In 2016, Awana Canada's focus area was Ukraine.

Purpose: To help reach many more boys and girls in the Ukraine with the gospel and longterm discipleship.

  1.  To start 100 new clubs in 2015/16 - Reaching 4,400 new kids! 
  2.  To support refugees from the war in Eastern Ukraine. 
  3.  To reach out to children and youth of the Roma (Gypsy) community. 
Fundraising Goal: $30,000

Why Ukraine?

Awana Ukraine is a strong ministry, with great leadership. There are approximately 20,000 children that attend Awana each week and some of those children attended clubs in the Eastern part of the country. About a year ago a war broke out in this part of the country forcing many families to flee. Many Awana kids had to leave their homes, and their Awana clubs, to find refuge in cities like Cherkassy.

Awana Ukraine has a goal to reach children who are displaced from the war by planting new clubs in refugee centres. The centre in Cherkassy, for example, is an ideal location to minister to the whole child. Here a family can find clothing, food, shoes, blankets, and long-term discipleship through Awana. Donations to Awana GO Ukraine will go to help start new clubs such as this one, and to help with the practical needs of those displaced people.

Partnering with ministries that are serving war refugees is just one of the exciting opportunities for Awana GO Ukraine. The second focus we have will be to help start 100 new clubs in 2015/16. Awana Ukraine will be training new leaders to start clubs through our international model called “Seed Planters”. Our financial support will help with these club start ups, just like we did with Cuba, Guatemala, and Paraguay.

Finally, our third opportunity is to support a ministry to the Roma community in Western Ukraine. The Roma (formally known as Gypsies) have an opportunity to start Awana clubs thanks to the recent translation of our materials into their language. Many Roma live in poverty, some in extreme poverty, and the children of these families are at risk. We have the opportunity to partner with a ministry that serves the practical and educational needs of Roma children. Our hope is to start Awana clubs at these ministry centres. 

How Can You Help?

This year, your club is encouraged to do the following:
  1. Pray for Peace in Ukraine - YOU DID!
  2. Raise funds to help start new Awana clubs and meet the physical needs of children - YOU DID! Over $34,000 dollars raised!
  3. Learn more about what God is doing in Ukraine through Awana - We are still receiving requests for info, Amen!