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Cory Vail Regional Director - Atlantic Canada / Directeur régional pour le Canada atlantique
Cory has been serving with Awana for many years, but has recently come on officially!
Josh Walsh Regional Director - Ontario / Directeur régional pour l’Ontario
Josh is the Regional Director for Ontario. He came to the ministry in January of 2016 and brings a wealth of passion, experience and fun to the ministry.

Leigh McGough Regional Director - British Columbia and Alberta / Directeur régional pour la Colombie-Britannique et l'Alberta


We’re the McGough Family.  Leigh (the one with the beard) and Samantha (Sam) and our two boys Ben and Josh.  Ben and Josh are 8 and 6 years old and we’re all buzzing with excitement to join the Awana BC team this Summer.


Lise Lalonde Directrice régionale pour le Québec / Regional Director - Quebec

Lise est à titre de personne ressource pour toute la francophonie.
Lise is the resource person serving the whole Francophonie.

Dave Kinsey Regional Missionary - North & Eastern Ontario / Missionnaire régional pour le nord-est de l’Ontario

Dave and Joyce Kinsey grew up in the Chicagoland area. Saved in Awana Clubs at a young age, Joyce has had many years of experience as a clubber, LIT, leader and director. Dave has been serving with Awana Canada for 30+ years.

Leo Mak Regional Missionary - British Columbia / Missionnaire régional pour la Colombie-Britannique

Amy and I were born and raised in Hong Kong. Just a few words from our son Alan, during our visit to Vancouver some 20 years ago, ‘I like to study in Canada’, changed the lives of our whole family.

I started my Awana...

Ben Vine Advocate - Ontario / Représentant en Ontario
Ben Vine has attended and served with Awana for years and is putting his passion for kids, art and administration into action!
Evan Morrison Advocate - Ontario / Représentant en Ontario

I was born and raised in the small farming community of Simcoe Ontario where I spent time working on my family farm. This is where I learned a strong work ethic, team work, and the ins and outs of the agriculture industry. I was raised in a home...

Job Lee Advocate - British Columbia & BC Camp Registrar / Représentant pour la Colombie-Britannique et le greffier du C.-B. Camp

I design graphics and work on the technical side of event planning. I also work on the the national website. I am also currently a student in the Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University studying user experience design.

Joshua Kim & Lisa Lee Advocates - British Columbia (Korean Church Care) / Représentants pour la Colombie-Britannique
Leah Hyatt Advocate - Alberta / Représentante pour l’Alberta

Hi my name is Leah Hyatt. I grew up in the border town of Lloydminster in a loving Christian family. I feel as if I have led a Timothy life. (2 Timothy 1:5). I learned about faith, God’s greatest gift and love from birth which is Jesus...

Len & Shelley Hyatt Ministry Development Advocates - Prairies / Représentants pour la Prairies
Len and Shelley are enthused to encourage and equip churches to reach boys, girls and families with the gospel, to train and equip them to change our world for Jesus Christ through Awana.
Rebekah Bock Advocate - Ontario / Représentante pour l’Ontario
Rebekah grew up in London ON, but now lives with her husband in Woodbridge ON. She lives there with her husband Calvin and their dog Fitz. They both grew up in the Awana program and met at OSC (Awana's summer camp).
Ruth Anne & Kyle Crouch Advocates - Ontario & OSC Director / Représentants pour l'Ontario et directeurs du Ontario Scholarship Camp

Ruth Anne and Kyle have served with the local church and in the Awana ministry for many years. They met at OSC and ended up getting married! We are excited to see their energy and passions advance the ministry in the Ontario region.