210 Network - Awana International Canada

2:10 exists to create a network of young leaders who grow in their faith, character and ability with the purpose of serving together to further the Kingdom of God. 

Gathering, equipping and empowering young leaders.


Ephesians 2:10 is clear! We are His workmanship, His creation, and we each have things that God has planned for us to get on with! We’re each created with unique skills and passions and these are to be used to advance God’s kingdom! 

Through exploring ‘My Path’ we will be considering who we are, and what the call of God is in our life! 


In the Great Commission, Jesus calls us to go and make disciples! This is our mission, each and every one of us! Through ‘His Mission’ we’ll be exploring what that looks like, to make disciples and how we as Christ’s disciples are called to share the gospel with the world around us.  


As Christians, we’re called to change the world, to see God’s kingdom come, here on earth as it is in heaven - so we will be getting very practical through ‘Our Service’ with some great challenges and opportunities to make a difference! We know that as we step out into these opportunities, God will meet us and the Holy Spirit will challenge and change us. 

Whether it’s serving in church, our community or in our families, Jesus modelled servant leadership and we want to serve and lead like him! 

Launch Information

The 2:10 network will launch in spring 2021, kicking off one-day events in BC, ON and online here at Awana Canada. 
Follow us online at @210.network and facebook.com/210network