Cubbies Games

Cubbie Says
Use your Cubbie puppet to play Cubbie Says. It's played the same as Simon Says. You could also use a paper lunch bag to make a hand puppet. Print, cut out and glue on a clip art image of Cubbie's face to make the puppet. Clip art images are available here.

Cubbie Time Obstacle Course
Transform your Cubbies room into a free-for-all obstacle course! Clear out clutter that someone could trip on. Place cushions, carpet squares, chairs, tubes, cardboard boxes, piles of pillows, etc., around the room for the kids to jump on, romp over, around, under or through. Show the Cubbies how to proceed through the obstacle course. Then turn on the music and let the kids take turns. 

Find Cubbie Bear
Purchase the Cubbie Bear Stuffed Toy or Cubbie Bear Puppet. Have kids close their eyes and turn their backs so you can hide Cubbie Bear somewhere. Then let everyone search for him. Repeat several times so everyone has a chance to find him. Hand out prizes to everyone. 

Flower Garden
Scatter children around the room. Have them bend down and pretend they are a seed waiting to grow into a flower. Choose one or two children and give them an empty watering can. As you say the verse of the week, the children water the “seeds.” The “seeds” begin to grow slowly until they have bloomed into “flowers.” Repeat so others can water. You can have as many water or be flowers that will not make the game too long. Others could be bees or butterflies that fly around the flowers.

Guessing Game
Bring several pictures of all the different calendar seasons and things that you see in each season, such as trees with changing leaves, swimming pools, pumpkins, Christmas trees, umbrellas, etc. (You could cut up an old calendar to find pictures.) Then, name a season, and let children tell you which pictures are from that season.

Musical Feet

Play music and direct Cubbies to dance or walk around the room shaking tambourines or other rhythm instruments. When the music stops, they all need to stop. Play until they lose interest. No one is ever out and everyone gets a snack in the end.

Part the Sea 
Set up two rows of baskets, two rows of chairs and two rows of cones. A leader plays the role of Moses and asks Cubbies to line up behind him in a straight line. After telling them who he is and briefly reviewing the story of the Exodus and Red Sea crossing (Exodus 12-14), he says, “God was good. He parted the sea. Come on Israelites, follow me.” The kids follow him through the rows of baskets. He then takes them through the rows of chairs and then the cones, making the same statement before each one.

Special Delivery
Each Cubbie gets some "mail" to deliver to Cubbie Bear. Designate a place that is Cubbie Bear's favorite apple tree, where he lives. Have a make-shift mail box (or a real one if you can get it) near the tree and as each Cubbie takes a turn putting the mail in Cubbie's mailbox, he or she says "Special Delivery!"

Easter Egg Craft
This is a great object lesson for the kids and a witnessing tool for parents. Provide each Cubbie with a plastic egg and these additional items (Send home a sheet of paper explaining what each item means.):

  • A heart sticker to put on their egg because “Jesus Loves Me”
  • A candy kiss because Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss
  • Two small pipe cleaner pieces to bend and make a cross
  • A small stone to remember that Jesus was buried
  • A mylar (non-latex) balloon to remember that He rose again on the third day

Mosaic Cross Magnet Craft
Copy an outline of crosses (four to a page) on dark card stock and cut out. Glue a heart in the middle and foam pieces all over the cross to cover it. Stick a magnetic strip on the back.

The Thankful Game
Cubbies sit in a circle. Have a Cubbie Bear stuffed toy for the clubbers to pass around. Play music and when the music stops, the Cubbie holding Cubbie Bear says something he or she is thankful for. You might need to give them some ideas. Have other leaders show how to do the game first or have them sit in the circle, too.

Cotton Ball Snowman
You'll need: three different sizes of cups or round lids, paper, glue, cotton balls, pencil, cups, macaroni, multi-colored popcorn and paint
Find different size cups that Cubbies can use to trace. If you don't have different size cups, try small round containers, lids or unopened cans. You'll need three different sizes. Have Cubbies trace three circles on paper in stacking order with the biggest on the bottom. Have them fill in the circles with cotton balls and a little bit of glue. You can simplify the gluing process by squeezing the glue onto a plate and giving them a cotton swab to use. Use painted macaroni and painted or multi-colored popcorn for the eyes, mouth, nose and buttons.