Cubbies Themes

Animal Theme Night

Plan an animal theme night. This could tie in with the AppleSeed unit on God’s creation. Cubbies bring their favorite stuffed animals or wear hats, shirts and shoes with animals on them. Hang pictures of animals around the room. Do an animal craft. For Play Time, put plastic zoo animals or small pictures of animals into an empty animal cracker box and let Cubbies take turns pulling out an animal and acting like the animal. Serve an animal mix for snack: gummy worms, animal crackers, goldfish crackers or teddy graham crackers.

Crazy Scarf Night
Most turkeys have funny-looking necks. Celebrate these unique creatures by having everyone wear a fun scarf. The week before, send home a note with parents to have them bring a scarf for their Cubbie the following week. Show pictures of different kinds of turkeys. Then have a fashion show where Cubbies pretend to be turkeys modeling their interesting "scarves." Talk about how God made turkeys that way and how wonderful His creation is.

Flying High
Talk about animals that fly – birds, frogs, squirrels, insects, etc. (and there's even a fish that can fly short distances!). Talk about planes and hang gliders and parachutes and how God gave us the ability to think and create such amazing things. Make paper airplanes and fly them around the room during Game Time.

I Love Spring Night
Talk about what happens in the spring. Flowers and trees bloom, the sun shines more, baby animals are born, the weather gets warmer, etc. Thank God for spring. Bring in flowers, fresh cut grass and a picture of the sun! 

Jesus Welcomes the Little Children 
Here are some ways to teach the story of Jesus welcoming the children (Mark 10:13-16) or any other time you want to focus on Jesus’ love.

  • Hang a picture of Jesus on the wall. Scatter pictures of children (of diverse ethnicities) around the room. Tell Cubbies to each find a child and bring him or her to Jesus. Hang the children’s photos on the wall near Jesus.
  • Play a game like London Bridge, except use the tune of “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” Change the lyrics to these:

Do you know who Jesus loves?
Who Jesus loves, who Jesus loves
Do you know who Jesus loves?
Jesus loves __________! (Insert the name of the Cubbie whom the leaders “trap” between their arms when they pretend to be the falling bridge.)

Mail Night
Give each Cubbies an envelope including a hand-written card telling them how much you enjoy having them in club. Have Cubbies color a picture that can be mailed to someone who can't get to church very often because of health reasons or who lives in a nursing home. You could also give each Cubbie some "mail" to deliver to Cubbie Bear. Designate a place that is Cubbie Bear's favorite apple tree, where he lives. Have a make-shift mail box (or a real one if you can get it) near the tree and as each Cubbie takes a turn putting the mail in Cubbie's mailbox, he or she says "Special Delivery!"

Summertime Bash
Celebrate the beginning of summer with a party. Hang streamers and balloons around the room, color pictures of things you see during the summer, play games with a beach ball, etc. Make a big calendar so clubbers can see how long it'll be until you're all together again for the fall.

Harvest Fun
Decorate with corn stalks and dried ears of corn. Do a leaf-rubbing craft. Talk about the colors of the leaves and how wonderful it is that God made the earth the way He did – that we get to see such beautiful colors in the fall. Serve a fall snack, such as pumpkin pie or apple cider.

Hang paper snowflakes around the room. Have snow cones or snowflake shaped cookies as a treat. Show pictures of actual snowflakes – they're all different. None of them are the same. Talk about how we are all different. God made each of us unique and special. If you live where there is snow, bundle clubbers up for a walk in the snow.