Puggles Games

Are You Sleeping?

Have Puggles sit in a circle. Sing the English version of Frère Jacques:

Are you sleeping, 
Are you sleeping,
Brother John?
Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing, 
Morning bells are ringing, 
Ding ding dong,
Ding ding dong.

As you start the song, direct all Puggles to pretend like they are sleeping. Insert a Puggle's name in place of Brother John and tap that Puggle gently on the head. When the toddler feels the tap, he should stand up and stretch his arms. Repeat the song and insert different names.

Beanbag Toss

When you teach Puggles that God made the sun, moon and stars, play a creative beanbag toss game. Cut a sun, moon and a few star shapes out of the side of a large box (or have three boxes with one shape of each cut out of the side). Puggles can take turns tossing a beanbag or foam ball into the sun, moon or stars.

Bubble Wrap Stomp

Fine some bubble wrap and let the Puggles have fun as they stomp around on it.

Color Run

Place four different colors (they could be a toy, a picture of a color, a leader wearing a certain color, etc.) at four to five different places in the room. Have all Puggles stand in the middle of the room. When you call a color, the Puggles run to the part of the room where that color is. Repeat enough so that each color is called at least twice.

Color Time

Find and make copies of colorable pictures that remind us of spring. Use bright, vibrant colors. Play music and put a picture of a sun and clouds on the wall or blackboard to make it feel like spring inside.

Felt Faces Craft

Beforehand, cut out felt eyes, noses, ears and curved mouths (which can be either a smile or a frown). Let children glue felt pieces on paper plates to make happy or sad faces. 

Find That Face

Draw happy and sad faces on paper plates. (Make sure you have a plate for each Puggle.) Place the plates face down in a circle on the floor. Puggles walk around the circle while you count to 10. When you say “10,” each child stops by a plate and turns it over to see the face. Ask who has a happy face. Smile together as you say, “God loves us when we are happy!” Ask who has a sad face. Frown together, and then smile and say, “God loves us when we are sad! That makes us happy again.” (When you teach the lesson about God loving us when we are afraid, play the same game and add a few scared faces. Add a few sleeping faces when you teach about God loving us while we sleep.)

Fruit Shapes

Using clay (purchased or homemade/edible), show Puggles how to make grapes, apples and oranges. Explain that God made all the fruits we like to eat.

Fun Walk

The verse is sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (Are You Sleeping?) and the participants move according to the words of the song. They walk when singing about walking, hop when they sing about hopping, etc.
Walking, walking,
Walking, walking,
Hop, hop, hop!
Hop, hop, hop!
Running, running, running,
Running, running, running,
Now we stop.
Now we stop.

Keep the circle of motion the right size for your group, large enough not to create traffic jams but small enough to keep the kids in the circle.

God Loves All He Made
Using clay (store bought or homemade), help children make different shapes. Encourage them as they make their shapes (whether it be animals, objects, etc.) that God made them and loves them very much.

God Loves Me

Sit the children in a circle. Begin with yourself and say, "God loves me, _________" (insert your name). Go around the circle and have each child say "God loves me, _________" (insert their own name). If some of the children aren't speaking many words yet, help them out.

God Loves Me Inside and Outside
Play a game to help Puggles understand the difference between inside and outside. To start, drape a large sheet over a table or chairs to create a tent. (You could also use a large appliance box to make a house or tunnel.) When you say “Inside!” direct Puggles to enter the tent. Say, “God loves you when you are inside.” Then shout “Outside!” Puggles must quickly go outside the tent. Say, “God loves you when you are outside.” Play several rounds, mixing up the order of your commands and increasing speed.

'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'

Sing the familiar song, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to teach Puggles about their wonderful bodies God created. Have a picture of each body part and go over them before you start learning the song.

Jing-a-Ling Circus Ring

Help the children sit in a circle with at least 10 feet of space in the center of the circle. Say the rhyme (below) to the children, inserting one child's name at a time. When a child's name is used in the rhyme, he goes into the middle of the circle and does a silly action such as jumping, spinning in circles or singing. Each child can do whatever she wants in the circle – for a moment. Try having an adult go in the circle first to show the kid what to do. Be sure to allow each Puggle a turn in the circle.

I am a circus clown.
My name is Jing-a Ling.
Let _____________ (insert child's name) do a silly trick,
Right in the circus ring!

March and Freeze

Play music and march around the room in a line. When the music stops, everyone freezes. Repeat as often as clubbers maintain an interest.


Use the Puggles Praise CD to march around the room. One of the leaders leads the line. When the leader stops, so do the Puggles. When the leader holds her hands in the air, so do the Puggles, etc.

Musical Circle

Play some fun music such as the Puggles Praise CD. Have all Puggles stand in a circle and hold hands as they walk in a circle. When the music stops, so do they.

Point and Say

Point to pictures around the room and say "God made _______." Let the Puggles finish the sentence if they can. If they can't, use it as a teaching opportunity and go over what the object is several times. Then come back to it often.

Point to the Poster

Purchase and hang the four Puggles Precepts Posters. Each is a different color and states one of the Puggles precepts. Teach the colors of each poster and the precept. See if you can get to the point where Puggles can say the precept as you point to the poster.

Puggle Says

Line the children up in front of you to play. The intent is to have them calm and quiet at the end.

Puggle says jump up and down.
Puggle says reach up to touch the sky.
Puggle says clap your hands.
Puggle says touch your shoes.
Puggle says touch your nose.
Puggle says sit down.
Puggle says place your hands in your lap.

Puggles Parade

Play music from the Puggles CD and do different things as you march around the room: hop, jump, etc

Sit Down Time

Teach your Puggles a fun poem for when it's time to sit and listen:

Puggles giggle and they sing.
Puggles like to run and play.
Puggles sit so very still.
Puggles fold their hands and pray.
(Very quietly)
Puggles sit so very still.
Puggles fold their hands and pray.

Sprouts and Seeds Game

Show toddlers a real flower or a picture of a flower. (Maybe use your Puggles teaching card from Unit One: Lesson Four) Then play "Seeds and Sprouts." Ask Puggles to crouch down around the leader. When the leader says, "Sprout!" they jump up, hands in the air, pretending to be stems and flower petals. When the leader says, "Seed!" they crouch back down. The leader continues calling "Seed" or "Sprout," mixing up the order once toddlers get the hang of it. End by saying together, "Thank You, God, for making the pretty spring flowers."

Summer Sun

Instead of a game, do a craft! Using orange construction paper, allow children to color a sun (you might want to draw the circle). Then put a couple swirls of glue on the sun and help the children sprinkle orange or yellow gelatin on the glue. Shake the excess off into the wastebasket.

Textures and Numbers

Place some cotton balls into a lunch paper bag and ask a child to reach into the bag and grab a handful of cotton balls. Put the cotton balls on the floor and count them out loud as everyone watches and helps.

Toss and Say

Toss a small stuffed fish back and forth to Puggles and say "God made the fish. God made everything." Have them say it back to you when you toss the stuffed fish to them.

What's That Food?

Games can also be fun times of learning. Have pictures of various foods that are easily recognizable to Puggles such as apples, corn and bananas. Also have some less recognizable foods for kids at this age like sweet potatoes, turnips and coconuts. Hold each one up and have all the Puggles say what they are together. Keep going until they all know them really well. Repetition for this age is the key to helping Puggles retain what they learn.

Where's Your Name? Game

Beforehand, make a laminated name card for each Puggle in your club. Include the child’s photo above or below the name. When you are ready to start the game, place all of the Puggles’ name cards around the classroom, keeping them clearly visible to children. Direct clubbers to sit in a circle while you chant these lines together:

“Where’s your name? Where’s your name?”
“Can you find it?” 
“Let’s play a game.” 

One by one, call children to search around the room for the right name card. (Have extra leaders available to help children search.) After a child finds his card, he should rejoin the group and place the card on the floor in front of him. Continue reciting the chant and calling on children until everyone has a turn.

Holiday Games

Valentine's Day

Find the Heart

Use three shoeboxes. Each box should be a different color. Place a red paper heart or stuffed heart toy in one of the boxes. Stack the boxes in a random order or mix up their order on the floor. Ask Puggles which color of box contains the item. When you find the heart, hold it up and say “Jesus loves you.”

Heart Collage Craft

For each Puggle, set out a sheet of clear contact paper, adhesive side up. Let the Puggles place an assortment of construction paper hearts (in different sizes and colors) on their sheets to make a collage. Cover each Puggle’s finished product with another sheet of contact paper. 

Three Hearts
Have three different colored hearts (red, pink and white – can be stuffed hearts, paper hearts, etc.). Play a game of name the color. Many Puggles will not know colors yet, so take the opportunity to teach them.


Duck, Duck, Rabbit

Play Duck, Duck, Goose but instead say "Duck, Duck, Rabbit." The player who gets tapped has to hop around the circle chasing the other player who is also hopping.

The Empty Tomb Game

Gather several unbreakable containers that you can't see through like a box, a colored plastic jar and a drawstring bag. Place various things inside each – like a toy, ball, Bible, flower – you name it! But leave one container empty. Puggles take turns coming up and choosing a container. Open it and show the group what's inside. When you open the empty container, say this is a special one because it reminds us of the empty tomb. Jesus is alive! He's not in the tomb anymore!

Parachute Tomb Easter Game

Tell the Bible story of the women who went inside the Lord's empty tomb (Luke 24:1-8). Use a large white bed sheet as the parachute and spread it out on the floor. Direct children and adult leaders to station themselves around the sheet and grab hold of the edges. (Leaders should crouch or kneel, so they are at kid height.) Practice lifting the sheet up high together several times and letting it float back down. When the sheet is up, forming a dome like a tomb, call a child's name to run under the "tomb" and back out again before the sheet falls down.


Christmas March

Play Christmas music and march around the room. As you march, talk about why you're thankful that God sent Jesus to earth as a baby.

Stocking Hunt

Hide little stockings around the room. Puggles, with the help of leaders, need to search the room for the little stockings. Consider putting small trinkets in the stockings, a picture of baby Jesus or a small snack. Make sure each Puggle gets the chance to find a stocking. Play Christmas music in the background.