Puggles Themes

Blue Night
Everyone wears Puggles shirts (or wears blue) and blue jeans. If some Puggles don't have a Puggles shirt, consider purchasing them and lending them out for the night. Talk about things that are blue: sky, blueberries, etc. Serve a blue snack such as blue frosted cupcakes, blue-colored gummies or celery and peanut butter if no one is allergic. (You can put celery stalks in blue food coloring and water mixture overnight to turn them blue.)

Bring the Outside In
Fill your room with typical outdoor toys, such as beach balls, wagons, bubbles, toy lawn mowers, slides, tee ball sets, a sandbox and basketball hoops.

Celebrate Spring! 
Bring in some fresh flowers. Have fruit as a snack. If you’re in the North, talk about spring and how trees grow new leaves, flowers start to grow, the grass turns green again and the weather gets warmer. Thank Jesus for spring. If you’re in the South, talk about the beauty of nature, using the trees and flowers as examples, and thank the Lord for that.

Circus Night
Show pictures of animals you would see at the circus. Talk about what you experience at the circus. Color pictures of circus animals. Play fun circus music.

Some Puggles will know their colors while others aren't quite there yet. Hang pictures of various colors around the room. Have different toys of those same colors. Have a snack of a certain color. Go over them several times through the night.

Eskimo Night
Make an igloo out of giant blocks or cardboard boxes. Let Puggles take turns going in the igloo. Use white construction paper to make giant snowflakes and hang them around the room.

Favorite Night
Everyone brings their favorite blanket or stuffed animal. If they are able to talk (some Puggles can and some aren't quite there yet), they can say a few words about their favorite item. Celebrate with little peanut butter crackers or PB&J sandwiches – everyone's favorite! Make sure none of your little ones have an allergy to peanut butter first!

Favorite Toy Night
Puggles bring in their favorite toys to show to everyone. Allow them some playtime to play with their favorite toys.

Have blue gelatin as a snack. Talk about how God made fish and everything else in the sea. Decorate the room like an aquarium or ocean with pictures of fish. See the Puggles Leader's Guide, Unit Two: Lesson Two for more ideas!

God is love
Focus on this precept for the night. Talk about how God has shown His love for us: Jesus, the sun, our families, our friends, our church, Awana, food, clothes, etc. Take turns saying, "God is love." Decorate the room with hearts. Write the word "love" on pieces of paper and put them around the room. Give each Puggle a paper with "God is love" written on it to take home.

God Loves Everyone
Have children sit in a circle. Go around the circle and point to each child and say, "God loves Emily," "God loves Jacob," etc. Conclude with "God loves everyone and wants us to tell everyone about Him!" Serve mini cupcakes with the children's initials on them. Say something like "God loves you!" Find a picture (the Puggles Coloring and Activity Book has one) of a cross. Have Puggles color the cross and say, "God sent Jesus to be our Savior. He wants us to tell others about Him."

God Made Ears
God gave us ears to hear music. Have pictures of ears the clubbers can color. Help children learn where their ears are. Pray and thank God for making our ears so that we can hear music.

God Made Everything
Hang pictures of things in creation: the sun, moon, birds, trees, oceans, people, animals, etc. Focus on Genesis 1:1. God made everything is also the first Puggle Precept. Eat fruit as a snack (God made fruit) and allow Puggles to tell you other things God has made. As a craft, have Puggles color a picture of a cloud and glue cotton balls on it.

God Made Eyes
Hold up pictures of things we see in the spring: flowers, trees budding, the sun, rain, grass growing, people enjoying the outdoors, etc. We can see! God made our eyes. Thank God for our eyes so that we can enjoy what He made. Color pictures of things we can see or have copied pictures of blank faces so you can help them draw their faces and their eyes.

God Made Food
Celebrate food by having apples for snack. Talk about how God made all the plants that give us food: oranges, corn, beans, pineapples, wheat, etc. Decorate the room with pictures of various foods. Pray and thank God for the food He has made for us.

God Made the Sun
Celebrate warmer weather by hanging pictures of the sun around the room. Color pictures of the sun, talk about how God made the sun and that the sun makes plants grow and it gives us light. Read Genesis 1:16.

God's Love for Our Families
Families can look different – a child's family might not be a two-parent home but a home with aunts and uncles or grandparents. Focus on all families. God loves us and God loves our families. Prepare a coloring page with a bunch of circles on it and help Puggles color in their family members using the circles for the faces.

Goldfish® Cracker Night
Serve Goldfish® crackers as snacks. Hang pictures of fish around the room.

I Thank God For Everything
During Large Group Time, have each leader say something he or she is thankful for. Then see if any of the Puggles can say something they're thankful for. Show pictures of food, the sun, families, houses, apartments, cars, etc. When showing each picture, say something like, "We are thankful for ___________." Emphasize that God gives us everything and we need to thank Him.

I Thank God for Plants, Flowers and Trees
Spring is coming! Bring some potted plants and flowers to club. Talk about how God made all the plants, trees and flowers and how we'll be able to see the trees blooming soon. Say a short prayer and thank God for all that He has made.

Night Sky Theme Night
Encourage parents to dress Puggles in yellow, white or orange. Puggles can also wear hats, shirts or other accessories with stars, suns or moons on them. For craft time, help children make star viewers. Cover one end of a bath tissue roll with blue cellophane and secure with a rubber band. Puggles put several star stickers on cellophane, and then point the cellophane into the light and look through the opposite end of the roll. Serve cheese balls for suns, MoonPie® cookies or star-shaped fruit for a snack. Give each Puggle a star sticker at the end of club. 

Pajama Jam

Tell parents to dress their Puggle in pajamas for club. Talk with Puggles about activities they do with their parents right before bed. Serve cookies and milk for snack. To close the evening, read a Bible story as a "Bedtime Story" and close with a nighttime prayer or a Scripture prayer about sleeping, such as Psalm 4:8. This theme works well with the lesson "God Loves Me When I Am Sleeping."

Puggle and Friends Night
Have pictures or puppets of the Puggles characters – Puggle, Alice and Sydney. Talk about what each animal is, the first letter of their names, what sounds they make, where they live, etc. Have snacks that begin with the letters P, A and S.

Soft Night
The week before, encourage parents to bring something soft that their Puggle loves – blanket, pillow, stuffed toy.

Sticker Night
Have a fun night that's all about stickers. Each Puggle has a piece of construction paper that he or she gets to decorate with lots of stickers. Hand out stickers if you see a Puggle obeying.

Welcome to Puggles!
Some children may be veterans of the nursery. Some may be new to the scene. Create a welcoming environment with fun snacks, exciting crafts and music playing in the background. Puggles should feel welcoming every week, but especially the first week, for some who may be a bit anxious. Consider using Unit Three: Lesson Five in the Puggles Leader's Guide. It focuses on the fact that God loves us when we're afraid. 

What’s your NAME? 
Toddlers are excited to see and spell their names. Before the first club meeting, make a laminated name card for each Puggle in your club. Write the name in large, colorful letters and include the child’s photo above or below the name so children can easily find their names. During club, help Puggles find their name labels on cubbyholes, coat hooks, chairs, carpet squares, etc. Also incorporate names and name spelling into games, craft time and play time.

Holiday Themes

Valentine's Day
Spread the Love
Send Valentine invitations to parents and have a Valentine's Day party for kids and parents. Have cupcakes that do not have icing on them ready to be decorated. (Have icing, sprinkles and other sorts of toppings available.) Encourage kids and parents to have fun decorating cupcakes together. Talk about how God loves us all very much. 

Donut Tombs
Make doughnut tombs for Easter. Give each child half a doughnut. Show the children how to stand the doughnut on its ends to make a tomb. Use a small piece of doughnut or a doughnut hole as the tomb door. Review the resurrection story while eating your snack together.

Easter Craft Night
Help Puggles visualize the Easter story. Before club, create a tomb and tombstone out of modeling clay or Play-Doh®. Draw faces on the heads of some old-fashioned wooden clothespins (the kind with the slot, not the spring), and use these as story figures. Wrap one figure in a tissue and place him in the tomb. As you tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection to Puggles, move the figures around to act out story events. Then show Puggles how to make their own tombs out of Play-Doh® as you review the story together.

God Loves Us
We celebrate Easter because it's the time Jesus died for our sins. Talk about other ways God loves us: our parents, Awana leaders, gives us food, a home, etc. God showed His love for us when He sent Jesus to die for our sins. Have cupcakes decorated with a cross. 

Jesus is Alive!
Tell Puggles to bring baby dolls or stuffed baby animals (like chicks, bunnies, lambs, ducklings, etc.) to club. Show baby pictures of animals and people. Talk about how God makes us alive. Jesus is alive and we can be alive forever with Him in heaven!