Sparks Games

Ball-Roll Relay
One player from each team stands in his team's triangle in the center of the circle with a ball on the floor in front of him. The rest of the team lines up on the circle line, facing the center. When the whistle blows, the center player rolls the ball to the player at the right end of the line (facing the center). This player rolls the ball back to the center player. The center player repeats the action until all teammates have caught and returned the ball. The center player picks up the ball and carries it while running around his circle pin and back into the center for the pin or bean bag.

Balloon Break
Two teams stand in the game circle. Release a balloon. One team bats it around and tries to keep it away from the other team. The second team attempts to break the balloon by grabbing or stepping on it. At the end of the designated time, points go to the team that has succeeded in its goal. Then reverse things; have the second team try to keep its balloon away from the first team.

Bowling Relay
You'll need four balls. Mark two parallel lines about 30 feet apart on opposite sides of the play area. Teams line up single file behind one of the lines. The team leader stands behind the opposite line, across from his team, holding a ball. When the whistle blows, the team leader rolls the ball to the first player in line. The player picks up the ball and carries it back to the leader. He hands the ball to the leader and stands behind him. The leader repeats the action with the second player. Play continues until all players are standing behind the leader. First team finished wins.

Bubble Gum Relay
For each team you need one large pair of work gloves, one paper bag with enough pieces of bubble gum for each player, four circle pins, center pin and beanbag.

Who gets to play: three players from each team.

Put the center pin and striped beanbag in the center of the circle. Place the team pins on the starting lines. Place a bag with several pieces of bubble gum in each team's circle area, near the center. Three players from each team line up at their starting line. The first player holds a pair of work gloves.

When the whistle blows, the first player puts on the work gloves and runs to his team's bag. He opens the bag, takes out a piece of gum, unwraps it and puts it in his mouth, and runs back to his starting line. He then takes off the gloves and hands them to the second player, who repeats the action. When the third player puts the gum in his mouth, he runs back, rounds his team pin, and goes in for the center pin or beanbag.

Here's the catch: Players must keep the gloves on while opening the bag and unwrapping the gum.

Beanbag Baseball
Each team has a bean bag for each player. A bucket is set some distance away from the team (as appropriate for Sparks-aged clubbers). At the signal, the clubbers each try to toss their bean bag into the bucket. If clubbers miss, they can retrieve their bean bag for another try. The first team to get all their bean bags in the bucket wins.

Birthday Bash 
Play birthday party games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Drop the Clothespin in the Bottle or other popular ones.

Clockwise Games
Play regular Awana games but mix things up. Have everyone run around the game circle in the opposite direction – clockwise!

Cookie Bake
Prepare a large amount of cookie dough in advance. During Game Time, have clubbers step out of games to decorate cookies. Bake them and let clubbers eat a cookie. Donate the rest for shut-ins or the elderly at your church.

Days of the Week
Stuff you need
Four circle pins, center pin and striped beanbag

Who gets to play
Seven players from each team

Put the center pin and striped beanbag in the center of the circle. Place the circle pins on the starting lines.

Players stand just inside their circle line, smallest to tallest, with the smallest closest to the team circle pin. Each player is named for a day of the week; i.e., the first (smallest) player is Sunday, the second player is Monday, etc. If teams have fewer than seven members, some members can take more than one day.

The game leader calls out a day, and the player from each team named for that day steps outside the circle line, runs one lap, rounds his team’s circle pin and runs into the center for the pin or beanbag. The player then returns to the team line, and the game director calls another day.

And the winner is …
First place for the pin, second place for the beanbag.

Don't Drop the Animals Relay 

Have each team member hold his or her stuffed animal. At your signal, the first clubber runs to a designated spot and back. She hands her stuffed animal to the second player, who runs to the same spot and back carrying the previous player's animal and his own. Each succeeding player repeats the action, carrying his stuffed animal and all the previous stuffed animals. The final player carries all the stuffed animals to the spot and back, then stands on the team line still holding them. The first team to finish wins.

Dress up the Leader
Have on hand a lot of clothes, hats, shoes, accessories, etc. (even number of items for each team) in each Awana color. Everyone stands on the game circle with their team. One of the leaders is the guinea pig and will be dressed up by their team in their team's color. When the whistle blows, clubbers must use all the items they've been given and put them on their leader. The first team to do this successfully wins.

Grass People Craft 
What you’ll need: 
1. A small plastic see-through cup for each clubber
2. Cotton or dirt
3. Grass seeds 
4. Water 
5. Permanent markers

Fill the plastic cups with cotton or dirt. Pour water on top and pack with more cotton or dirt until you reach the top of the cup. Draw a face on the front of the cup using the permanent marker. Leave the cups in a well-lit location and wait until next week. When you return, you may find that your “grass people” need a haircut! As you care for them, remember the children around the world.

Gone Fishing 

Make six construction paper fish of the same color and attach a small magnet to them. Write a number (one to six) on the flip side of the fish. Assign different prizes to each number. Make a fishing pole (out of a stick or something else long and thin) and attach string and the other side of a magnet to the end. Allow several clubbers to go fishing on the floor. They get one turn to catch a fish and then receive the corresponding prize

Guess the Fruit
Have many kinds of fruit in a plastic bag. One by one, Sparkies put their hand in the bag and guess what fruit they're touching. Then they pull it out to see if they're right. Continue until each team member has had a turn.

Have Your Cake
You’ll need four chef hats, four cakes and four tubes of colored frosting.

Bake or buy four cakes and cover them with plain frosting (with no decorations). Place the four cakes on sturdy tables about 10 feet in front of each team’s line.

One player from each team stands on her team line with a chef hat and a tube of colored frosting.

When the whistle blows, the player puts the chef’s hat on her head and runs to the cake. Using the tube of frosting, she begins to decorate the cake. When the whistle blows again, she returns to her line and gives the hat and the tube to the next player. When all the clubbers have participated, the whistle blows a final time.
The winner is the team whose cake is most attractively decorated, as judged by an impartial panel of leaders, wins.

When the game is over, the clubbers eat their team’s cake. (You might prefer to have other cakes or cupcakes for the clubbers instead.) Make sure you know the dietary restrictions of all your clubbers before this happens. Do not let any child eat anything unless you know for sure. 

Monkey Ball

This is played with soccer rules except players use their hands to move the ball instead of their feet. The ball cannot be kicked and must remain on the floor at all times. 

Moon Ball Hunt
Place the center pin and striped beanbag in the center of the circle. Place the team pins on the starting lines. One player from each team kneels at the starting line, facing the center of the circle while blindfolded. A ball is placed at random inside his team’s quadrant. When the whistle blows, the player crawls into the circle to find his team’s ball. As soon as he touches his ball, he removes his blindfold, picks up the ball, rounds his circle pin and runs into the center for the pin.

Mouse Trap
Eight players stand in four pairs on the circle line, one in each quadrant. Each pair faces each other with hands joined in the air to form traps. Other clubbers stand on the circle line. When the whistle blows, players begin to walk, skip or run through the “mouse traps.” When the game leader calls “Snap,” the players forming the traps lower their hands, still joined. Any “mouse” caught in a trap joins with another “mouse” to form new traps. The game continues until all mice are caught.

Musical Gift Exchange
Have all clubbers bring a gift below a certain price (or have them all bring in an unwanted toy that's still in good condition). All gifts should be wrapped. Sit in a circle (or have teams sit in separate circles). While music is playing, clubbers hand their gifts to their left. When the music stops, clubbers can keep their gifts and leave the circle or stay in the circle to play again. After four turns, clubbers keep the gifts they hold.

New Game Night 
Play a new game that you've never done before at Awana. Check out the newOfficial Sparks Game Book. It has lots of new ideas and games.

Pin the Wings on Sparkie 
Draw a picture of Sparkie on a large piece of paper. Draw some wings and cut them out of cardboard or thick construction paper. Play as you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Find four pictures of equal size - things like animals, people or locations. Cut each into puzzle pieces and put each puzzle into its own bag. Each team gets a bag. When the whistle blows, players dump the pieces out on the table or floor and put their puzzle together. First team done wins. Then the teams put their pieces back in their bag and pass the puzzle to the team that is to their left. Continue until each team has the puzzle it had in the first round. The team that won the most sessions wins.

Rat Race
This works particularly well on those nights you're having trouble settling clubbers down. Yell "Rat Race" in a loud voice. At that call, all clubbers and leaders on every team must run around the game circle once. The first team to have all its members (including leaders) standing at attention and quiet on its own team line earns points.

Search for Gold
Paint a lot of small stones silver and a few small stones gold. Hide them around the church grounds or in the game room. Kids have a set amount of time to search for the nuggets. Silver nuggets are worth five points. Gold nuggets are worth 20 points.

Use on Crazy Hair Night: During Handbook Time, have a leader who can draw set up an area to trace clubbers’ silhouettes. Using a light and white paper hung on the wall, trace clubbers’ silhouettes so they can take home a souvenir of their crazy hairstyle.

Sit and Throw

Put the center pin in the middle of the circle. Place a chair just inside the circle by each team's starting line. One player from each team stands at the starting line with a beanbag. When the whistle blows, the player runs one lap and sits in the chair. While sitting, the player throws the beanbag at the pin. The first player to knock down the pin wins.

Snowball Fight
Make “snowballs” using loosely wadded newspaper taped with masking tape. Divide the room with chairs or tables. Scatter an equal number of snowballs on each side of the barrier. Have one team stand on each side of the room near the rear boundary of the play area. On the whistle, players run to grab the snowballs and throw them across the barrier into the other team’s area. Clubbers throw snowballs back and forth until the whistle blows. The team with the fewest number of snowballs in its area wins!

Special Delivery 
While running around the game circle for various games, clubbers need to carry a letter or package with them. Use newspapers or reams of paper as the delivery items. Play your normal games with this added twist!

Players insert strips of cloth into the backs of their belts/pants. When the whistle blows, players run around the inside of the game circle and grab other players' tails. When a player loses her own tail, she is out. After a given period of time, the player with the most tails wins (or the last person left with his tail).

Twisty Feet
Put different letters on the clubbers' feet. Call out a word. The team has to spell the word by using their feet. They may have to cross their legs or feet to spell the word correctly.

Water Balloon Relay!
Each team lines up in pairs. Each pair holds a beach towel between them. Place a water balloon on the first towel. Clubbers pass the balloon (without touching it) to the next towel and so on down the line. First team to get it to the end of its row without breaking it wins! You might want to play this outdoors if the weather is nice!

Watering Can Relay Race 
What you'll need: 
4 small watering cans 
4 buckets of water 
Small plastic glasses

1. Place a bucket of water in front of each team and an empty watering can about 10 feet away. 
2. Give the first player for each team an empty plastic glass. 
3. On the whistle, the players fill their glasses with water by dipping them in their bucket. 
4. They run to the empty watering can, pour their water inside, then run back and hand off the glass to the next team member. 
5. Continue the race until one team completely fills their watering can.

Whatever You Do, Don't Smile 
Have clubbers sit in a circle. One person starts as "it" in the middle. He walks up to a clubber and says, "Whatever you do, don't smile!" in his funniest, goofiest voice and with a funny face. If the clubber he is talking to smiles, she is it. If not, he goes on to try to make another clubber smile.

Holiday Games

Valentine's Day

Target the Heart Game
Cut a large heart target out of paper for each team. Use a marker to make a large X in the center. Also have a bean bag for each team. Place the heart on the floor and a strip of tape  about six feet away. Put all the hearts in the middle of the game circle. Have teams use the circle as their line. The teams stand on their team line and take turns standing with their toes on the tape, tossing the bean bag and attempting to hit the X. The team that hits the X most often in a given time period wins. 

Transplant Relay
Each team is given a six- to 12-inch plastic or cardboard heart that is secured to an elastic belt. The first team player slips the belt on. When the whistle blows, the player runs one lap around the circle, steps out of the belt and hands it to the second player. The second player slips the belt on, runs one lap, takes off the belt and passes it to the third player who puts on the belt, runs one lap and then goes in for the pin or beanbag.


Easter Egg Race
Circle pins are replaced with Easter baskets. Place five eggs in each team's triangle in the center of the circle. When the whistle blows, the first player on each team runs into the center, picks up one egg, brings it back, places it in the team's basket and tags the next player. The first team with all five eggs in the basket wins. You might want to repeat to ensure all players on each team get a chance to play. 

Easter Relay
Each player holds a spoon and lines up as in the Sprint Relay. The first player on each team places a hard-boiled egg on the spoon. On the whistle, players run one lap around the circle. They then transfer the egg (without touching it) to the next player’s spoon. When the third player completes a lap, he rounds the team pin and runs into the center for an Easter basket or beanbag. Award bonus points to the team whose egg has the fewest cracks. If an egg falls to the floor, the player must pick it up and put it back on the spoon before continuing (even if badly damaged).

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Planters Craft
Supplies: plastic cups, potting soil, marigolds or other small packs of flowers, Mother’s Day note, newspaper, small shovel or spoon


  1. Write verse and reference for Proverbs 31:28a and 29 on Mother’s Day note. Make one copy for each Sparkie.
  2. Help each child plant a flower in a cup.
  3. Have each clubber write her name on the note and color it in.
  4. Tape each note to the potted flower.
  5. Have Sparkies take the gift home for their mom along with a big hug!


Turkey Chase
Clubbers sit on the floor in a circle. A child designated as the “turkey” stands outside the circle of “farmers.” When the whistle blows, the turkey walks around the outside of the circle and tags a farmer on the back. The farmer runs after the turkey and attempts to tag it before the turkey runs around the circle and sits down in the farmer’s place. If the farmer catches the turkey, the farmer becomes the new turkey. The former turkey takes the vacant place in the circle and becomes a farmer. If and when a turkey reaches the farmer’s place without being tagged, this turkey is given another turn. After two successful turns, the turkey selects someone else to take its place.


Christmas Tags
You'll need a large quantity of Christmas gift tags. Hide the tags all around the game room. Players stand on their team lines. When the whistle blows, players look for and collect the tags. After two minutes, blow the whistle to stop the action. Count tags for each team. The winning team is the one that found the most seals and tags.

Christmas Tag Cover
Clubbers get prizes or team points for having the most Christmas tags attached to themselves. Leaders can get in on the fun, too.

Christmas Stickers
Hide Christmas stickers and gift tags around the game room. When the whistle blows (or music begins playing), clubbers collect as many as they can find for two minutes. The team with the most stickers and tags wins.