Adaptive Ministry Q&A - Awana International Canada

Adaptive Ministry Q&A

Q: Can I run a virtual Awana program and what things should I consider? 

A: Yes you can. We want you to reach kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ and take advantage of this opportunity to partner with parents. If you a

reconsidering a virtual program please consider…

  • What child protection policies do you have in place  (See 15 Considerations for Safe Online Engagement and other resources in the Child P

  • protection)

  • What do you want your virtual program to look like and what do you expect to accomplish

  • What training might you need to run a virtual program (Connect with our team to set-up training today)

  • How many leaders can be involved and how you can maximize them

Q: I don’t think parents will do handbooks with the kids at home. What can I do? 

A: We believe that parents want to engage and want their children to resume activities. While some families may be experiencing virtual burnout, we do believe that they need some level of engagement at this time. Consider offering the essentials curriculum for families who may be overwhelmed by the handbook. Consider alternate ways to engage with parents if you are hearing that the parents in your program are virtually burnt out. Consider 

  • Phone ministry with regular checkin’s from leaders to parents and children 

  • Consider small group nights in leaders homes allowing you to significantly reduce the number of children in one spot 

  • Consider having engaged parents host small group nights with a leader present to help 

  • Virtual programs or shortened virtual checkin’s to offer challenges

Q: Can I offer awards for children who have only used the Essentials books at home? 

A: Yes you can offer awards for children who have only used the Essentials books. We believe that children are motivated to succeed when there are awards tied to their success. On the other hand we don’t believe that the approach of memorizing only to receive the award is correct either. This is why we trust Awana leaders to find the approach that works best for them considering both the relational opportunity to move verse from head to heart, as well as the feeling it gives a child to receive an award for a job well done. 

Q: How do I handle awards if verses are not being recited in a virtual program environment. 

A: An adaptive ministry approach such as running a virtual program, is an opportunity to partner with parents and engage with them in the program. Consider allowing parents to sign off on verses for the time being. Maybe you challenge kids to record the verses they have memorized and send them to you at the end of the month. Follow up with an encouraging email and a verbal check in their book. Imagine being able to make a video showing snippets of all the kids and verses that were memorized, what a blessing!

Q: Can I just type their verses out and send them by email? Can I just make my own videos and send them out to the kids on facebook live or Youtube? 

A: You can create your own large/small group videos and send them out to the kids in your program. You can also create a facebook live or youtube channel. Please be sure to consider making your group private for the protection of the children and families involved. 

Q: Can I photocopy materials to send to leaders and parents? 

A: We would ask

that you please do not photocopy or scan or photocopy curriculum for parents and children to use. The Awana ministry is partially funded by the purchase of books and we rely on this funding to continue ministry in Canada. In addition, we want to protect the quality of the material provided to families and the printed books are very high quality. In recognition of the fact that extra leaders may be required to adapt your ministry during this time or you may want to pull in leaders to observe virtual meetings for child protection, we will allow some photocopying of leader books. However, please do help us to protect this ministry by purchasing the bulk of your materials through the proper channels.  Officially, all our resources and products are Trademarked and CopyRight protected.

Q: How will I get books to kids?

A: Consider asking your leaders to help drop books off at family homes or have pick up nights with times allotted by last name. Books travel well.

Q: Can I use the Awana logo to print my own products such as facemasks or t-shirts? 

A: If you are wanting to use the Awana logo to print something that we don’t sell such as face masks or swag/gifts for leaders we are happy to consider that with you. Please contact our office to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date logo. We want to protect the consistent look of our ministry across the country and have a library of logos or icons that you can use. 

If you are wanting to use the logo to print shirts for kids, please call our office so that we can discuss your specific scenario and make decisions on a case by case basis. As with the photocopying of materials, we ask that you respect our ministry by protecting the partial funding we receive from the purchase of materials. 

We want you to know that Awana is an adaptive ministry. On a daily basis we have conversations with churches across the country, meet as a team virtually every week and partner with our larger US office for support and resources. We are happy to work with you to figure out what will work best for your Awana ministry. We are committed to helping you realize your vision for children and youth ministry. 

Many churches and ministries have used our logo, it brings a high level of credibility and awareness. Churches that use logos are encouraged to support the Awana Ministry on a monthly basis. A monthly donation of $50 is greatly appreciated.