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Approved Logos

Approved Logos

As our partnered churches look to adapt their ministries, we know we need to provide some resources. many of our churches are asking if they can use our logos for brochures and for their website to promote their children's and youth ministry. We are excited about that and want to make sure that high-quality images are used.

We also have churches asking if they can use our logo to print different items such as hats, shirts or in our current situation, masks. If you are looking to print an item that Awana does not provide, please make sure to use one of the approved logos. If you are looking to print an item that Awana does provide, such as shirts, please consider purchasing from the ministry. As you know, the ministry is supported (in part) by the extra items churches purchase.

If you would like to print your own items, please consider supporting the Awana ministry here in Canada. The Awana logo brings a lot of credibility and interest to your local ministry. Churches that use our logos and produce their own extra items are encouraged to support the ministry with a small donation per month. Depending on the size of the ministry, a $25, $50 or $75 donation would be greatly appreciated.

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