If you have any questions, please email awanacanada@gmail.com
Si vous avez des questions, veuillez communiquer par courriel à awanacanada@gmail.com

Fundraising Disclosure

Our Pledge

Awana encourages you to give first and foremost to your local church. Secondly, support your local Awana regional ministry and then as God blesses you with additional resources, please consider investing in other ministries of Awana. We will work to use your gift in the most effective way possible to reach children with the message of forgiveness, love and hope that Christ offers.

All gifts given will be used within the regional of the gift. If all financial needs have been met within the region, we will use the funds where needed most within Canada. If all financial needs are met within Canada, funds will be used to Reach Kids, Equip Leaders and Change the World for Christ within one of our partnered regions.