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    Preschool (Puggles and Cubbies)

    Parents have the awesome responsibility to guide little minds to big truths. Puggles take-home cards let parents reinforce the week's lesson with Scripture reading, a parent plan and simple activities for five days each week. Use them at the park, during meals or at bedtime to reinforce biblical truths every day.

    Cubbies also encourages parental involvement. Cubbies Your child's handbooks feature parent-child activities for home. You will lead your child through handbook sections, called Bear Hugs, to prepare for the next club gathering. Each Bear Hug includes optional activities, called "Under the Apple Tree," for reviewing Bible verses and lessons learned earlier. An audio CD is included in your child’s handbook. These audio tracks have review material that you can listen to together.

    At club, your Cubbie will review the verse you helped teach at home. Working through the handbook with your child develops your spiritual leadership and helps you instill your child with a lifelong biblical worldview.

    Puggles at Home Kit

    Parent Pause

    Parent Pause is designed to encourage and disciple parents of young children. Download this free newsletter every month to distribute to parents in your ministry! The preschool years bring their own unique joys and challenges to parents. Bless the families in your ministry with helpful resource!

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    Each handbook has Bible biographies and audio clips that work great as bedtime stories, while you're driving or during daytime breaks. 

    Please note: With the exception of the KJV Handbooks, CD's are no longer available. An email containing a link to your audio download will be sent to your Awana Ministry Director (or the person responsible for purchasing material for your Sparks program). 


    During these Elementary school years, parents get a front row seat to witness their child learn to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. We challenge you to take that growth a step further and use the parent resources below to facilitate conversations in and around their child's weekly Awana lesson.

    Click the Bible version you use below to download Parent Resources. 

    Mission: Grace in Action

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    Mission: Evidence of Grace

    ESV      NIV      KJV      NKJV

    Mission: Agents of Grace

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