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A foundations curriculum

TruthSeekers is a four year curriculum that lays a strong biblical foundation through the chronological teaching of Scripture.  It is flexible, adaptable, and affordable to any context.

What is TruthSeekers?

A funny thing happened while serving children around the world. We learned principles that could easily be applied to ministry in the U.S. and Canada. In our quest to continually develop world-class children's ministry curriculum, we realized we needed to import knowledge and ideas, rather than just exporting them.

  • TruthSeekers is the result of those experiences and is based on some key principles:
  • We cannot assume a baseline of “Christian” understanding exists for a child.
  • We must be willing to teach the entire narrative of the Bible to completely introduce them to their God and his provision through Jesus Christ.
  • Children are 90% the same and 10% different, so make the curriculum simple and adaptable for any context
  • Children want to be loved by leaders, engaged in learning, and always love to have fun together
  • Provide a big vision for leaders and equip them to serve well
  • Focus training/equipping of leadership on the big vision of ministry to kids, and less on the “how”

Watch your kids “get it” as you lead them through the epic story of creation to the cross in the first two books in the series.  See them grasp key scripture as they memorize verses together, building a strong foundation of faith.  Your leaders will see the eternal value of their role and be passionate to serve.

We invite you to use TruthSeekers as a tool in your ministry, whether you use it as a stand alone or in conjunction with current children's programming. It functions well in unique places that you find kids because it's leader-led and group-paced.

TruthSeekers provides:

  • Chronological teaching of the Bible
  • Gospel centered
  • Easy to use and adapt to any context
  • Comprehensive teaching / leader helps
  • One year curriculum, can be used from 33-52 weeks
  • Large group / Small group orientation
  • One curriculum for elementary to middle school
  • Perfect for small churches; Easily adaptable for large church
  • Proven effective in over 13,000 churches and one million children worldwide
  • Spanish / English versions available
  • Free reproducible student handouts

History of Truth Seekers

The idea for TruthSeekers came from a short-term missions trip of high-school students traveling for Awana International.  Their destination was Papua New Guinea – a Third World island nation of six million people located alongside Indonesia in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.  The volunteer leaders for that trip were Terry and Linda Davis.

The team worked with missionaries from New Tribes Mission who wanted an adaptation of Awana curriculum that would work in a tribal setting. Since the natives of Papua New Guinea do not have a spiritual foundation remotely related to Christianity, work in PNG had to begin from the very basics. Linda went so far as to say that “basically they don’t even know who God is.”

Once their mission trip ended, the Davises returned to the U.S. and began preparations for the new tribal curriculum. One year later, they were back in Papua New Guinea in 1999 working as Awana missionaries “on loan” to New Tribes on a part-time basis.

TruthSeekers was the name chosen to represent this new method of ministry. 

Due to its success in Papua New Guinea, the curriculum is now being used in many more countries as part of the Leader-Based Strategy, a program that trains many leaders at one time who then go back to their churches and train others to start and run children’s ministry programs.

The potential for TruthSeekers around the world

In today’s post-Christian world, the majority of children and teens even in industrialized regions like the United States, Canada and Western Europe have little to no knowledge of God and His Word. When asked whether the TruthSeekers program would benefit kids in the U.S., the Davises responded with a whole-hearted “Yes.”

“I think the TruthSeekers material would be an excellent tool around the world,” Linda said, “for helping children clearly understand the gospel message through the method of using chronological biblical truths to lay a simple but thorough foundation for the gospel – man's need of a Savior and God's provision of a Savior through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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