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Journey® establishes high school students as lifelong disciples through a deep study of God's Word, mobilizing them to live with godly perspective and evident faith. Four complete years' worth of material supports your 9th-12th grade high-school ministry. Additional products, training materials, and awards are available. 

What's Included?

The Journey curriculum has a variety of resources available to help you create the custom experience that your youth ministry needs. Since you know your students, the program is designed to allow you the flexibility to use any of the products, however it best serves them.

Student Bible Study

The Student Bible Study is a 32 week-long devotional that goes in depth on one topic each week. The study includes video lessons by Josh Griffin, questions, application activities, and other resources to help students dive into Scripture.

Essentials Bible Study

Another resource we have for students in your youth group is  Journey, Essentials. This  version of the Student Bible Study is recommended for students who have just started their walk of faith or are only beginning to understand some basic Biblical concepts. This book trims the content from the Student Bible Study into two quick pages per week and offers you the flexibility to lead your whole youth group in the same lesson at a customized level for each student.

Leader Guide

The Leader Guide has everything you need to plan your large group lesson and facilitate life-changing small group discussions with your students. The Leader Guide includes videos that explain the week’s lesson and provides tips on how to maximize the curriculum for that week.  Also included is a fully customizable powerpoint slide deck which allows you to use the content provided, or write your own.

Small Group Discussion Guides

For your small group leaders, we have created a Small Group Discussion Guide to help them lead conversations built around each week’s topic.  

Parent Guides

The Parent Guide, is a free digital download which allows parents to continue to engage their students at home. We believe it is extremely important for both parents’ and the youth leader to be involved in guiding a student spiritually.