Sparks Virtual Camp-a-Rama

Sparks Camp-a-Rama

*Note that this is a virtual camp experience available from now until August 31, 2022


Ontario/Quebec Sparky Camp Day 2022

One more year of virtual Sparky Camp Day. What a great way to recognize all the effort of Sparky kids who have finished their handbooks this year. 

Virtual Sparky Camp is an extra special way to recognize the hard work and diligent effort of Sparkies throughout the year, whether they attended club in person or virtually. While originally designed for kids receiving their Sparky Award in the spring, this year’s virtual camp is open to all Sparkies and their families.

This virtual Sparky Camp seeks to recreate the excitement and fun of an in-person event. Originally premiered in June 2021, the video has been refreshed and is available for you to use as soon as you register. Fifty minutes in length it features a game, hike, craft, singing and a Bible message. Register by church or by family and we will send you a link to the video and digital resources to complete the virtual camp experience.

Church Registration 

Register and receive a link to the video and digital resources for you to use with your Awana kids at your convenience at any time. Instructions will be included on how to use the video interactively. One registration covers as many kids as you wish to include. Suggested donation of $25.00.

Family Registration

Register and be sent a link to the video for you to use at any time and as often as you wish. Also receive a link to the digital resources to download to complete your Sparky Camp experience. Suggested donation of $5.00 per family.


This is a virtual camp experience available from now until August 31, 2022.

Sparks Virtual Camp Day 2022

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  • Virtual Day Camp Payment or Donation Policy
    While we have not set a registration fee for this event we would appreciate a suggested donation of $25.00 per church or $5.00 per family.

    Online donations can be made by visiting If you would like to donate a different amount you can call our office and speak with Denielle at 1-877-422-6292 ext 2.

    Thank you for your donation