Resilient Discipleship

UPDATE - July 2021

Unfortunately, the brite* Sunday school program will not be available in Canada. 

If you have questions regarding how you can use Awana curriculum in a Sunday morning setting, please connect with the Awana team member in your area. We have many churches running adaptive programs successfully.

"It is Awana's vision to see ALL girls and boys come to Know, Love and Serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to see them engage the world as new creations in Christ. This book and the brite* curriculum will help us journey with them. We must play our role in God's plan, present the gospel, relationally engage with kids so that the world will know them by their love and heart to serve the church and community."

Jon ImBeau, Former Executive Director
Awana International Canada

We’re excited to share some information about our new book Resilient – Child Discipleship and the fearless future of the church. The children in our churches today are the leaders of the church of 2050. Our investment in God’s work in their lives could produce world-changing impact. This book has been written by members of our U.S. team and values supporters of the Awana ministry. 

We hope that this book will challenge you to consider how you are engaging in relational discipleship with the children and youth in your churches and communities.

Belong, Believe and Become is the foundation for spiritual resilience. From child to child the environments and the variables of impact and influence change, but when these components are present, the opportunity for a genuine relationship with Jesus increases.

                       For more information on the Resilient book, click here to find it on the Awana Canada store.

The Science of Resilience:

Why Kids Get Back Up

Why is it that some kids experience adverse conditions,
yet they get back up?