Awana Games & Sparks-a-Rama

Awana Games pits clubs and youth programs from churches across BC in competition.

IMPORTANT Information for Attendees:


Adults - $2
Children under 5 - FREE


Pacific Academy has asked all attendees of Awana Games and Sparks-a-Rama to use Parking Lots D, E and F.
Drivers, please enter from their entrance on Barnston Drive West. Parking Lot Map

More Details


Awana Games Official Rule Book (v 17.2) [Released Feb 27, 2017]
Updated from v 17.1: (pg 23) "Grade 5-6 players are assigned numbers 4-6, shortest to tallest."

Sparks-a-Rama Official Rule Book (v 17.1) [Released Feb 21, 2017]

Sparks Team Roster

Sparks Permission Form (updated March 29, 2017)

Sparks Team Assignment Sheet

T&T Team Roster

T&T Permission Form (updated March 29, 2017)

T&T Team Assignment Sheet