Please note: Sessions subject to change. More sessions will be added over the next two weeks. 

Children's Ministry Round Table

Karen Quan

Connect with other children's ministry leaders and workers. Share struggles and issues and questions and talk through possible solutions. Hear perspectives from ministry leaders and workers across curriculums and programs. Come prepared to actively engage in discussion!

The hope for post-Christian Canada

Jon Morrison

Have you noticed our friends, neighbours and family members becoming more secular? Have you noticed that people seem less likely to attend church than ever before? That’s what the statistics confirm as well. In this session, Jon explores the deep Christian roots in which Canada grew up in and what Christians must do to re-introduce the gospel to our country. We have reasons for hope that God would revive Canada once again. Don’t miss this opportunity to be informed and inspired.

Teachers that touch lives

Dennis Quin

A look at the characteristics of a Godly and spiritually effective teacher. 

Including Students with Disabilities: Round Table

Veronica Verigin

Following the session by the same name, this is an opportunity for children's and youth ministry leaders and workers to discuss strategies and ideas for including children and youth with disabilities. Come prepared to participate in discussion!

Learning Styles

Andrew Quin

Children learn in different ways - we'll look at the ways children learn and discuss strategies to make your teaching time work for them.

T&T Round Table

Seneca Law

The new T&T material has posed some challenges and some great possibilities for T&T clubs. Hear ideas and insights from T&T leaders from different clubs. Come prepared to discuss!

Including Students with Disabilities

Veronica Verigin

How to involve students with a range of disabilities in your Awana Club and overcome barriers to their participation. We will discuss how to involve students with learning, physical and cognitive disabilities. The focus will be on reaching every student with the gospel of Christ.

Children's Ministry Ask Us Anything

Karen Quan, Andrew Quin, Leigh McGough

Facing an issue in your ministry that you don't know how to handle? Have a specific struggle that you'd like some feedback on or ideas about? This is your opportunity to ask anything about children's and youth ministry of our panel. Submit your questions before lunch. If there is time, we may also take questions from the floor.

Living and serving from a Kingdom of God perspective

Leigh McGough

In a busy world, with school and so many different things competing for your time, how do you know what to get involved with and how to serve in your local church or ministry that will make an impact on the world for Jesus.