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Bible Quizzing

Why Bible Quizzing?

Bible Quizzing is the Scripture memory counterpart to the physical, activities-oriented AwanaGames. Both utilize the element competition as a motivating factor. While the AwanaGames depend on the half-time message to present a spiritual message, Bible Quizzing has the Word of God built right in, giving clubbers, leaders, and even parents an intense, long-lasting exposure to the Gospel.

When an Awana Club participates in Bible Quizzing, clubbers are encouraged in their handbook achievements. The increased time and practice spent in the Word can assist clubbers to better understand and personally apply scriptural truths. Leaders have an added opportunity to mentor their clubbers as they review key biblical facts together in preparation for quizzing. Fellowship within the club and among other clubs is promoted.

Quiz questions cover the current year's curriculum for Truth & Training, as well as Trek. The quiz event is structured so that small or new clubs can compete on an even footing with larger, well-established clubs. And all participants are recognized for their efforts. Consider the benefits of Bible Quizzing for your club. Additional information is available in the Church Participation Kit or by contacting Dave Kinsey

What Do I Need to Know?

Check out the calendar of special events to find a quiz in your area. If there is none scheduled, consider contacting your Awana missionary to explore the possibility of hosting one for the clubs nearby.

Study the quizzing policies to understand the quiz format and how points are scored.

Register in advance. Keep practicing. See the sample questions to find out what kind of questions are asked. Invite your whole club to come and cheer! Parents, too!


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