LEAD - London

    LEAD - London

    Do the extraordinary...LEAD the next generation.

    LEAD is a leadership development experience where we are challenged together to be dynamic, Christ-centered leaders in our churches, families and communities.

    The LEAD experience combines social online learning with a 2-­day live event! It is applicable for any church or ministry leader looking to develop or strengthen their leadership skills in children and youth ministry using a biblical model of leadership.

    What You'll Learn

    Key Leadership Skills! This event is all about Children and Youth Ministry leader development. This is NOT teaching you how to run a club, but how to be a better leader in ministry! LEAD is a blended learning experience, which includes social learning, video, reflection, challenges and a 2-­day conference. This approach is designed to give you the best opportunity to grow your personal leadership skills.

    How long is the training event in total?

    This is a 40 ­day experience in total! You will receive 2 days of classroom learning with preliminary teaching online and community involvement afterwards. Each experience will also include a Facebook page that allows you to network and build community before you arrive and after you leave.

    • February 16-17, 2018
      Friday 4:00pm–9:30pm
      Saturday 9:00am–5:00pm
    • First Lobo Baptist Church
      22907 Nairn Road, Komoka, Ontario, N0L 1R0
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