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Our Schedule


8:00 Registration Opens (Coffee, Timbits etc.)
8:30 Worship Music
9:00 Opening Session / Keynote
9:30 Breakout Sessions #1
10:45 Breakout Sessions #2
12:00 Lunch (Provided)
1:00 Breakout Sessions #3
2:15 Breakout Sessions #4
3:30 Closing Session
3:45 Dismissal

Breakout Sessions


Session 1 - 9:30 - 10:40

1 Protect YOUR name - Lorelee Seimens - How to teach your teens to protect their reputation on social media.
2 Capture, capture, capture - Calvin Bakker - We will discuss the value of shooting video and pictures at clubs and activities. Topics will include equipment, software, shooting an event and tips and tricks.
3 Leadership Matters - Evan Morrison - Leaders are playing more and more of a role in the lives of the people they come in contact with. We will analayze the charactaristics and respondsabilities of good leaders and how we can implement these skills in our ministry.
4 Introducing Awana Basics - Dave Kinsey - This workshop features the "small" group module from the new Awana Basics manual. This leader training resource was introduced this fall and is very easy to use. In this workshop you'll also learn how to access the resource files and discuss various ways to implement on going traing in your club. 
Do I know it? - Pastor Jay GrimesIn this workshop we will discover the depth and breadth of the Good News. We will gain an understanding of how the gospel really does permeate and affect every area of life and why it is Good News.

Session 2 - 10:45 - 11:55 

1 Know HIS name- Lorelee Siemens - Why and how to teach theology to kids
2 Flyers can be fun - Calvin Bakker - Getting your message out is important. We will discuss some design tips and approaches to produce clear and attractive designs.

 3 Named - Evan Morrison - We as leaders are called by name to step up and serve. Being named goes beyond the calling to serve, being named is God's way of letting us be his hands and feet. This session will teach you that you belong and that God can use you to better his ministry in your life and in the lives of those you meet.

4 Leaders that stick - Dave Kinsey - A quided video workshop, especially for Awana ministry directors (commanders). Helpful suggestions delivered in an interactive manner about creating a club climate that retains leaders.
5 Do I believe it? - Pastor Jay Grimes - In this workshop we will focus on the heart of the individual discovering how we can apply the gospel to our own lives and some tools for us to use to uncover the areas of disbelief in our lives.

Session 3 - 1:00 - 2:10 

1 Know more than their name - Lorelee Siemens - Teaching kids who have faced trauma in their lives.
2 Image … What image do you portray -  Calvin Bakker - Poor first impressions are very hard to overcome. We will discuss how to be concious of our image and how people view our ministry.
3 Teaching and engaging teens - Rebekah Bock - Are there things you find difficult in youth ministry? Why is it important? Why do so many youth drop out of Church. We will be looking at the answersto these questions and taking a lot of helpful advise from Dan Lovaglia's book "Relational Childrens Ministry".
4 Discipline - Dave Kinsey - A well disciplined club creates an environment of consistency, energy and excitement. This session will probably not solve all of the discipline issues in your club, but will help you think through why children misbehave and what you can do about misbehaviour in club from a biblical perspective.
5 Do I speak it? - Pastor Jay Grimes - In this workshop we will discuss how we can speak the good news into the lives of others and ways that we can help others identify the fruit of disbelief in their lives.

Session 4 - 2:15 - 3:25 - Crowd Sourced Help Desk!

These sessions are designed for you to come and share your victories and tribulations in your ministry. They are interactive sessions where you can request/offer suggestions for what works, or does not, in an effort to make all of our ministry more effective.
1 Cubbies - Jessica Martin
2 Sparks - Rebekah Bock
3 T&T - Tom Crouch
4 TREK and Journey - Kyle Crouch