Schedule Markham

Our Schedule: (subject to change in the twinkling of an eye!)


8:30 Registration Opens (Coffee, Timbits etc.)
9:15 General Session - Sanctuary
10:20 Breakout Sessions #1
11:20 Breakout Sessions #2
12:15 Lunch (Provided)
1:10 Breakout Sessions #3
2:10 Breakout Sessions #4
3:00 Dismissal

Breakout Sessions


Session 1 - 10:20 AM-11:10 AM

1 Elizabeth Harris - Crafts for Sparks
Need something for your Sparkies to do when they have finished saying their sections? Here's some ideas for you.
2 Tips for LITs - Josh Walsh-                         Student Leader Track
Are you a Student Leader? Josh Walsh, Regional Director for Awana in Ontario, wants to meet you and offer you some tips to make serving in Awana a rewarding experience for you--and your club.
3 Assisting Children with Behavioural Problems - Tori Bissell
What club doesn't have behavioural issues--from mild to severe. This shop will discuss strategies for preventing behavioural problems and handling them after they've happened.
4 What Is Awana? - Rebekah Bock
The new Awana Basics features eighteen 30-minute modules covering everything from "What is Awana?" to how to run a "Game Time" and everything in between. This is a good opportunity to experience this new training curriculum for yourself and to get the prepared resources to teach it yourself.

Session 2 - 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM

1 Awana Camps: They Ain't What They Used to Be - Kyle Crouch
Awana camps in Ontario began with Honour Camp in 1983. A lot has changed since then. There are more opportunities for more kids to enjoy an Awana camp than ever before. Find out about OSC (Ontario Scholarship Camp), Winter Camp and schedule a Camp Night for your club.
2 Leading Now - Josh Walsh                       Student Leader Track
As a Student Leader, you are a vital part of our clubs. This workshop is built just for you! You'll learn some best practices and begin to understand the power of your influence.
3 Registration & Check-In - Tori Bissell
Plan to Protect your clubbers and yourself with the best practices in signing up and signing in your clubbers. Also learn what software programs are available to make this job easier.
4 Sharing the Gospel - A guided video workshop with Tom Crouch
Sharing the gospel in a highly relational and highly biblical way presented by Ed Gossien, Vice President of U.S. Field Operations, Awana Clubs International. Very practical, yet not pressured.

Session 3 - 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM

1 Why Are Kids Bored? - Kyle Crouch
Awana? Boring? Unthinkable!
2 OnLine Journey - Rebekah Bock               Student Leader Track
Not part of a club that runs Journey (the high school component of Awana)? Find out how you can be part of an online community that meets once a week to study and fellowship around the Journey curriculum. This shop is for commanders and youth leaders, too.
3 Leaders That Stick - A guided video workshop with Elana Burke
This workshop, especially for Awana Ministry Directors (Commanders), focuses in on the important topic of leader retention. Helpful suggestions delivered in an interactive manner.
4 Leadership Matters - Evan Morrison 
This is the third module in the new Awana Basics. No leaders: no Awana. It all depends on you! It's worth coming to this shop just to see the two-minute video at the beginning. Find out how you can get the resources to teach Awana Basics yourself.

Session 4 - 2:10 PM - 3:00 PM - 

1 Evidence of Grace: T&T Update - Dave Kinsey 
2017-2018 is year two of the updated T&T curriculum. Find out about the improvements that have been made in the second handbook. Just starting--or thinking about starting--to use the updated curriculum? This is the place to be to ask your questions.
2 Games: The Fun Way to Reach Kids - Kyle Crouch 
The title says it all! Explore ways to make sure the kids are having fun and will be back next week.
3 Connect + Inspire = Conspire - Tom Crouch 
This workshop will give you the opportunity to get to know the leaders from other clubs. Once you've met them and had a chance to inspire them, you'll have additional time to conspire together to solve your common club problems.
4 Partnering With Awana Ontario - Evan Morrison 
Ontario has the biggest and best team in Canada! Find out how your support benefits Team Ontario and your club throughout the year.