Getting Started with Online Journey

Welcome to Online Journey for the 2017-2018 year!

Journey: Advocates considers what it means to hold firm to biblical convictions and still engage in humble dialogue with the culture around us. Join Sean McDowell, a leading apologetics and worldview author, and AwanaYM in this new high school curriculum series that is available as of the fall of 2017.

Select Your Study: Essentials Bible Study

What's Inside the Essentials Study? Recommended

The Essentials Study for Journey: Advocates offers abridged versions of each lesson in comparison to the Bible Study. We are planning to have most of the group use the Essentials Study this year.

Intro Question & Core Verses

Each lesson begins with something to think about before presenting the scripture focus for the week. You memorize and recite the verse(s).

Video & Bible Passage

You watch a video which directly relates the Core Verse(s) to the lesson. Diving into Scripture, you also read a selected Bible passage and some brief Bible study content that unpacks and applies God’s Word to the lives of His advocates.

Core Concepts & Outro Question

The Core Concepts include a one- sentence main- lesson idea and a notable word with a definition to help you understand the lesson. In order to help you continue to think through the lesson, there is a final outro question.

Facebook Questions

In order for the group to have some questions in common to discsuss, you will choose two of three questions to answer in connection with each lesson in the Essentials Study. The questions will be posted to the Online Journey facebook group right after the previous week’s meet. These questions will be the basis of our group discussion. Feel free to use reference books (like Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances), search online, listen to/watch sermons, and/or ask a mentor/parent/pastor. Record your findings below.

Here are some example questions:

  • What was the motivation of the Pharisees and Sadducees in trying to trap Jesus?
  • Take a look at Paul in Acts 17:1-4, Acts 19:8-9, and Acts 28:23-24. How did he use reasoning/logic to lead people to saving knowledge of Christ?
  • What are some arguments against the Christian faith today? Do you think these arguments are logical?

What's inside the Bible Study?

The Journey: Advocates Bible Study includes a daily devotional to help you dive deep into the Word of God. The full Bible Study is an available option for those who would like to do the extra work. See the differences between the Bible Study and the Essentials Study as noted below.

Intro Activity

Each lesson begins with an experience to help launch you into the Core Concept for the week. The Intro Activity is longer than the Essentials Study’s Intro Question.

Video & Core Verses

Scripture focus for the week. You recite verse(s) and watch a video which directly relates the verse(s) to the lesson. There are written comments on the verse(s) which are not in the Essentials Study.

Work Space

You use this space to help in remembering the Core Verse for the week. You may write, draw or design ways that make sense to you. This Work Space is not in the Essentials Study.

Bible Passage

Diving into Scripture, you read a selected passage and Bible study content that unpacks and applies God’s Word to the lives of His advocates. The Bible study content is significantly longer than in the Essentials Study.

Core Concepts

These include a one- sentence main-lesson idea and a notable word with definition to help you understand the lesson.


You explore two of the three provided questions or write your own about the week’s Bible passage. These questions are the basis for our small group discussion. Those doing the Essentials Study will have this assignment posted on the Facebook group.

Speaker Notes

During the Online Journey meet, you can write down something that stands out to you or any prayer requests. This notes section is not in the Essentials Study.

Leader’s Initials

The person checking your lessons should sign at the end of each lesson once Days 1-6 and the core verse are complete. The official Leader’s Initials space is not in the Essentials Study.

Requirements to Finish Bible Study

  • Journey Lessons
    (see end of each lesson)
  • Bible readings and summaries completed
    See end of book and pdf document
  • Share your faith
    See end of book
  • Attend Christian training seminar
  • Participate in a long-term service project through your church (min. 3 mo. per year)