Awana office will be closed until January 7th. We look forward to serving you in the New Year!
Le bureau d'Awana sera fermé jusqu'au 7 janvier. Nous sommes impatients de vous servir dans la nouvelle année!

Getting Started with Online Journey

Welcome to Online Journey for the 2018-2019 year!

The Journey Witnesses Bible Study trains you to share your faith with anyone and everyone and includes video lessons from Greg Stier, Harvey Carey, Wess Stafford and more. Ed Stetzer says, "This resource will help them [students] think about their context and how to show and share the love of Jesus in ways that connect."

What's inside the Bible Study?

Intro Experience

Intro Experience

Each lesson begins with an experience to help launch you into the Core Concept for the week.

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

Each lesson there is a video documentary to watch, taking you on a journey to learn from a variety of witnesses of the gospel.

Core ContentCore Content

Diving into Scripture, you read a selected passage and Bible study content that unpacks and applies God's Word.

Core Concept & Verse

Core Concept and Verse

The 'Core Concept' includes a one-sentence main-lesson idea and the 'Core Verse' is the Scripture focus for the week. You memorize the verse(s), and can make use of a work space to write, draw or design in ways that make sense to you in order to remember the verse better. There is also written comments on the verse(s) to help you understand the verse(s).

Exploration Questions

Exploration Questions

You explore two of the three provided questions or write your own about the week’s Bible passage. These questions are the basis for our small group discussion.

Action PlanAction Plan

Based on everything learned from the lesson, you have an opportunity to create an action plan for yourself to help everything move beyond mere head knowledge and talk.



During the Online Journey meet, you can write down something that stands out to you or any prayer requests.

Leader’s Initials

Citation Track Checklist 1.1

The person checking your lessons should sign at the end of each lesson once Days 1-6 and the core verse are complete.

Requirements to Finish Bible Study

  • Journey Lessons
    (see end of each lesson)
  • Bible readings and summaries completed
    See end of book and pdf document
  • Share your faith
    See end of book
  • Attend Christian training seminar
  • Participate in a long-term service project through your church (min. 3 mo. per year)
If the Bible Study seems like too much for you, we also have another option available that may work better. Contact Rebekah or Calvin if you have any questions.