Our Field Team - Awana International Canada

Our Field Team

Ministry Development Team

Cory Vail Ministry Development - Atlantic Canada

Cory oversees the Atlantic Canada region for Awana International Canada. Cory develops the region through church care and leader training. The Awana ministry in Atlantic Canada represents over 40 churches.

Mary Ann Dance Ministry Development - British Columbia

Mary Ann serves Awana church partners in the province of British Columbia. Through church care, leader training, speaking and team coordination, she works to strengthen and grow the Awana ministry in BC. 

Jeff Tam Ministry Development - Ontario and British Columbia

Jeff Tam works with the Awana team in Ontario and in BC. Jeff came to Canada with his family in 2012. He speaks both Cantonese and conversational Mandarin. Click on Jeff to read more about Jeff's experience with Awana in Hong Kong. 

Sarah Armstrong Ministry Development - Ontario and British Columbia

Sarah Armstrong works to support and expand the Awana ministry in Ontario and in BC. While she lives in Ontario, she will be in BC regularly and actively engaging with partner churches there. 

Len and Shelley Hyatt Ministry Development - Prairies

Len and Shelley are enthused to encourage and equip churches to reach boys, girls and families with the gospel, to train and equip them to change our world for Jesus Christ through Awana.

Dave Kinsey Ministry Development - Ontario

Dave works with the Awana Ontario team to serve churches in Northern and Eastern Ontario. He serves local partnered churches as they develop solid youth ministries and equips leaders through training. 

Rebekah Bock Regional Director - Ontario

With over 140 Awana partnered churches in Ontario from varying denominations and cultures, Rebekah’s role is busy. Each of our Awana partners has the same goal to reach kids with the Gospel and Rebekah ensures that they are equipped through resources and training. She is also a great help when it comes to various events and runs our Ontario online journey program. 

Lise Lalonde Ministry Development - Quebec

Lise oversees the Awana in Quebec including in French, English and Spanish. She is responsible for the translation of material, church care, leader training, and ongoing leadership development. Lise has a passion for ministry in our own country but has also been instrumental in new club development opportunities in France. 

Volunteer Advocates

Rhonda Davidson Volunteer Advocate - Alberta

Rhonda serves with Awana as a Volunteer Advocate in Alberta. Rhonda has been an Awana leader and Director with Grimshaw Awana Clubs in Northern Alberta for 16 years. She is passionate about Awana and how it can be used as a tool to share the gospel of Jesus to children and youth and to change entire families. 

Sarah and Michael Bumstead Volunteer Advocate - Alberta

Sarah and Michael Bumstead serve Awana as Volunteer Advocates. They are based in Calgary and enjoy connecting with churches in the surrounding area to expand the Awana ministry. Adaptive ministry is not unfamiliar to these two and they would be happy to help you explore your options as you consider how to live out your mission for children and youth ministry. 

Ellen Funk Volunteer Advocate - British Columbia