Our Field Team

Rebekah Bock - Regional Director - Ontario

I love spending time with God through devotions, prayer, listening to worship music and spending time outdoors. I am so encouraged through what I am able to learn in his word and try to apply it to every aspect of my life. I try my best to encourage others through my words and through my actions. Jesus left for us the ultimate example of living a life of love, encouragement, strength and peace. I want my life to be a testimony of what he has done for us and this is my focus personally. I love that I can be working for a ministry that demonstrated this to me through club leaders.

My husband Calvin and I both grew up in loving Christian homes and attended Awana clubs. We met at Ontario Scholarship Camp (OSC) and were married in May 2017. Now we live in Vaughan Ontario with our dog Fitz. Together, the three of us love to explore new places and evening walks. I also happen to love running errands and nothing feels better than finding a great deal.

I have had the opportunity to attend many different Awana programs and have seen clubs run in many different ways. This has come in so handy as Advocate for Church Care in Ontario. My job is to come alongside the local church in order to understand their vision for children’s ministry and work to equip them with resources and training. The diversity of partner churches and programs in Ontario is vast but I pray that if continue to focus on serving the local church and equipping them with solid biblical curriculum and support through leader training, we can reach more kids with the gospel.

If you want to know more about the Awana Ontario ministry, our curriculum, programs or vision for long-term relational discipleship, please contact me anytime.