Job Lee - Awana International Canada
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Job Lee - Représentant de la Colombie-Britannique pour les événements et les ressources du ministère

Hi! My name is Job, and I’m an Awana Advocate for BC. I design graphics and work on the technical side of event planning. I also work on the the national website. I am also currently a student in the Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University studying user experience design.

I was born and raised in Richmond. My parents started bringing me to church when I was just a baby, but I didn’t start going to Awana until I was in Sparkies. My church ran a Cubbies program, but being the shy kid that I was back then, I just wasn’t willing to go. In Sparks and in my early years of T&T, I missed out on a lot of fun events, like Awana Games and Bible Quizzing, because I wasn’t willing to step out of my comfort zone.

It wasn’t until grade 6 when I learned the verse Joshua 1:9 that I understood that I didn’t have to be afraid, that I could let God lead me out of my comfort zone, and that I just needed to say yes and follow.

In March 2015, I said yes to going over to Nepal on a short-term missions trip with Awana. And through that experience, I was brought on as an intern, helping the regional director run events and camps that summer. This year, I have said yes to the next step in long term discipleship as I serve Awana as an Advocate. I will be applying what I am learning in school to design material and run events that will support churches as they run Awana Clubs to reach more kids.

When I'm not working on team projects for school or design projects for Awana, I like to go hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.